Soft Tri-fold® Tonneau Covers

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Our tonneau KING tri-fold Soft cover is Trademarked & patented. It is the 1st tonneau cover product in the History to be approved Worldwide by a Major Motor Manufacturing Company. You will never have to replace your tonneau cover again…like you used to do.

Please send us a query here with vehicle model and year for accurate pricing.

Features & Benefits:

  • The 1st and ONLY tonneau cover brand in SA that will outlive your bakkie.
  • Secure – 1st lockable soft tonneau cover in the world.
  • 1st HASSLE FREE SOFT tonneau covers in South Africa.
  • No more worries about stopping @ robots getting your groceries/tools etc. stolen.
  • Can fit it or remove it in SECONDS when loading large equipment.
  • No tools or drilling required when fitting or removing.
  • The entire bin is available for loading something like a quad bike etc.
  • The Marine grade vinyl used, will not fade or scuff as any other tonneau covers do.
  • Woman & Children can easily open/close/remove & refit on their own – only – 12kg’s.
  • Women do not have to break their nails trying to open or close their tonneau cover anymore.
  • Can drive with it in open position, just use clips attached. (Without Roll Bar)
  • Does not flap around in the wind or are noisy while driving as other makes do.
  • Can save you as customer up to 10% fuel on each tank, due to the sleek design (Can thus eventually pay for itself)
  • No other soft cover can be removed or refitted without a struggle or in SECOND!!!!
  • Due to the top quality materials used i.e. Marine grade vinyl (Only company in SA that uses this robust material) there is no more scuffing, discolouring, tearing or replacing your tonneau cover on a regular basis.


  • DIY Product – Fitted in Seconds with no Hassle – No need to pay for fitment.


  •  Marine grade vinyl used.
  • Marine grade thread used.
  • The aluminium frame made of 6063 grade aluminium.
  • The nylon components are made of Nylon 6, cold and UV resistant treated.
  • Weight: – 29kg’s
  • Additional roll bar fitment brackets sold separately for roll bar fitment


5 Year Warranty.



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