FORD Ranger 2011-2015 Hood Guard (Dark)


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A deflector is a product made of plastic, serving to protect against mechanical damage and contamination in the area of its installation.


Door visors allow you to send a flow of fresh air into the interior while protecting from rain and snow. Hood guards ensure the safety of the paint film. Headlights protection prevents mechanical damage.


The clarity of the glass in the area of rear view mirror provided by door visors gives increased safety.


Deflectors as a component of tuning create vehicle individuality.


Novline deflectors are produced from high-grade, imported polycarbonate, that offers high levels of stability and characteristics such as:

Environmentally safe.
Neutral to aggressive chemical environments.
Resistant to ultraviolet rays.

In addition to the characteristics listed above, the polycarbonate used for the production of Novline headlight protection, has the lowest coefficient of light absorption.


Door visors are installed by means of «3М» adhesive tape. This reliable installation method has proved its effectiveness over years of successful use.

Hood guards are attached with the help of metal brackets, which are installed on the edge of the hood without drilling. Firstly, a transparent tape is attached on the hood at the point of contact of the brackets with painted surface in order to prevent damage.


Door visors guarantee natural ventilation in the vehicle and prevent weeping of the windows on rainy days. When the side glass is open, they protect against water ingress in the interior even in the strongest rain or snow falls. The door visors also prevent dirt accumulating on the side windows, guaranteeing better visibility for the driver, including in the rear view mirror, thus serving to increase safety when driving.

Hood guards protect against mechanical damage, primarily against sandblasting effects, and preserve the paint film on the front end of the vehicle. Besides that, hood guard creates an rising gust which minimizes pollution of the windscreen. The high quality and reliable fastening ensures the use of the product at any speed without damaging the surface of the hood.

Protection of the headlights helps to give the vehicle a particular individuality and prevents unwanted damage.